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Sports Massage Course ITEC L3

ITEC Sports Massage Course (Combined)
Level 3 Diploma (RQF)


ITEC Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy

This ITEC Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy course is open to Practitioners with a previous qualification in
ITEC Diploma in Massage, equivalent or higher.

Please visit our requirements tab for more information and options for beginners.

This Sports Massage course can be studied on its own and followed up by our ITEC Certificate in Sports Massage Therapy Level 4 & 5 courses.

course introduction:

About this ITEC Sports Massage Course …

This Sports Massage course provides the firm foundation for the professional practice in Sports Therapy and forms the basis for being able to use soft tissue massage treatment techniques in a clinical situation.


This course provides the fundamental skills and knowledge which will allow practitioners to:

  • Know about as well as treat common sports conditions using sports massage and advanced skills
  • Prepare body tissues for a sporting event using sports massage
  • Use sports massage techniques to assist an athlete following an activity
  • Maintain body tissues in a healthy state in between sporting activities
  • Be able to advise on self help and self recovery

The taught treatment is not just limited to sports injuries, but can also be applied to injuries sustained in everyday life.

This Sports Massage course is taught by professional and practising Osteopaths, Physiotherapists and Sports Science therapists who are all trained above the taught level and who are passionate about the subject. Each sports massage course lecturer will impart a wealth of information from their own sports massage practice as well as using accelerated training methods and NLP techniques to facilitate your learning of the subject.

The ITEC Sports Massage qualification is a well recognised industry standard which on completion, will allow the practitioner to obtain full professional insurance. It will also allow successful students to join one of the countries sports massage associations, the UK’s leading independent professional body for Sports Massage and the Complimentary Therapy and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC).

Course Content:

What will I learn in this Diploma in Sports Massage Course …

The course will cover the full ITEC Sports Massage level 3 QCF syllabus through formal lectures, practicals and class demonstrations as well as home assignments.

Some of the topics covered in this Sports Massage course are:

  • Posture evaluation – how and what to observe for postural evaluation
  • Treatment techniques such as:
  • Effective Deep Tissue Massage Techniques and Neuromuscular Technique
  • Use of effective stretching techniques – active and passive
  • A look at different types of exercises and stretching routines.
  • Sports Rehabilitation of the injured individual
  • Pre, post and maintenance sports massage routines

What will I learn in this Diploma in Massage Course …

Antomy, Physiology & Pathology

Anatomy and Physiology are the study of the body structures and how they work.
The course will cover all the major systems of the body including:

  • Cells, tissues and skin
  • Muscles and bones
  • Respiratory and Circulatory systems
  • Nervous and Endocrine systems
  • Gastrointestinal and Reproductive systems

Each topic will be followed up by the learning of some of the common pathologies (diseases) which affect that system.

Massage Theory & Practice

From aspects of touch right through to use of major massage strokes, benefits and contraindications. Some of the topics covered in this section include:

  • The principles of Holistic Therapeutic Body Massage
  • Supervised hands on approach to teaching practical massage skills
  • Guidance & demonstrations on a sequenced massage routine lasting one full hour
  • The benefits of massage and its contraindications
  • Development of a holistic approach – treating the ‘mind, body and spirit’.
  • The proper application of massage techniques and use of proper body posture
  • Use of different massage mediums

Setting Up in Business

Taking a no non-sense approach to setting up in business, this section will provide the important starting tools that you will need to set up your own practice.

Some of the topics covered will include:

  • Forms of Marketing and how to get yourself noticed
  • UK Business Laws relevant to sound practice
  • Professionalism & Ethics
  • Concepts and practice of of hygiene
  • Health & Safety related to clinical practice

Entry Requirement:

Sports Massage Course Prerequisites …

Students wanting to study for the ITEC Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy (Level 3, QCF) need to have an ITEC Level 3 Diploma in Massage first.

There are two options for this course;

A) Total Beginners to Massage, for those with no existing qualification, the following will need be completed;

1. ITEC Diploma in Massage (Level 3, QCF)
(including Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology)

2. ITEC Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy (Level 3, QCF)

This will mean that upon qualification, you will receive 2 x Level 3 Diploma qualifications instead of one.

B) Level 3 Qualified Therapist, for those with an existing Level 3 Diploma in Massage (Level 3, QCF)

1. ITEC Diploma in Massage (Level 3, QCF) (including Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology)

If you are already qualified with an ITEC Diploma in Massage (Level 3, QCF) (including Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology), you are only required to take the additional 4 days which are specific for the Sports Massage Therapy (Level 3)

To take this option you must make sure that your A&P knowledge is current and up-to-date as there is very limited A&P covered on the course.

If you are unsure of your current course qualifications, please call the office to find out if these can count towards this Sports Massage diploma. We will do our best to find out ways in which we can help you to successfully complete this Sports Massage course and become a professional and qualified Sports Massage Therapist.