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The primitive humans used medicinal herbs as food and medicine but gradually and over the time they could discover the function and characteristics of some plants which in turn led to the establishment of botanical and herbal med knowledge. Among the nations of the world, the ancient Egyptians were the first to utilize herbal plants extensively as treatment. The famous Ebers Papyrus, that dates back to 3500 BC, involves a collection of herbal med treatments. It is evident from ancient petroglyphs that Babylonians were familiar with the properties of medical plants like the ancient Egyptians. The usage of medical plants was common in Indians culture too. There is not much information about ancient Iranian medicine however, it seems that during the Achaemenids Empire the herbal remedies were widely used by doctors. In Europe, in the field of medical plants much progress has been made through the trade with eastern countries. Gradually the common knowledge about the benefits of medical plants grew, new medicines discovered and many books have been published. In a short time, many European universities established botanical gardens and herbarium.                                          

It is good to know that the biggest herbarium in the world is located on a city near London.                                                                                         Nowadays with the progress of technology and changing the lifestyle of people, new diseases have been created. For many of them, there is not a complete treatment in classical medicine; on account of that people and doctors decided to use classical medicine and herbal medicine together. The side effects of chemical drugs make people to use herbal med more than ever. Using herbs is a natural and safe way and have far fewer side effects. The body is more compatible with natural compounds. In fact, many of our diseases are because of inappropriate nutrition, lack of exercise and misuse of drugs and other chemical compounds. Now it is the time to come back to the nature and the “INTERNATIONAL HEALTH & BEAUTY ACADEMY OF AUSTRALIA” is proud to announce that has been hosting various courses in the field of medical plants and phytotherapy by using the latest scientific resources in the world.