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acupuncture Curriculum

Diploma of Acupuncture

Program Overview

The Diploma of Acupuncture is a 3-year (6-semester) program that deeply explores theoretical and clinical concepts of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Students learn foundational philosophies, diagnostic principles and therapeutic techniques of this ancient and powerful system of medicine, and incorporate them with biomedical sciences and other healing philosophies. This program satisfies curriculum requirements of the CTCMA of BC.


Below is a list of all courses that must be completed for a student to be eligible for graduation with a Diploma of Acupuncture. Some course prerequisites do exist, and it is the responsibility of students to ensure that they are eligible to enrol in any particular course. Please click on course links below to see more course information including descriptions and prerequisites.


ACU101/102 Meridians and Points 6 credits 90 hours
ACU111/112 Energetics of Acupoints 6 credits 90 hours
ACU113/114 Techniques and Therapeutics 6 credits 90 hours
ACU211/212 Internal Medicine 6 credits 90 hours
ACU321 Gynecology 3 credits 45 hours
ACU322 Orthopedics and Traumatology 3 credits 45 hours
ACU323 Dermatology and External Medicine 1.5 credits 22.5 hours
ACU324 Pediatrics 3 credits 45 hours
ACU325 Ophthalmology and Ears, Nose, Throat 1.5 credits 22.5 hours
ACU Acupuncture Elective 3 credits 45 hours
Total 26 credits 390 hours